Welcome to Patmo Online ICT Training School

We not only offer Basic Certificate and Diploma courses in Computing but also Professional Courses like Java, Python, PHP, C++ etc. We have the technology to take you where you want to be.

Features of our programs Include :-

  • Smart Board Based Learning                                                  
  • Computer Based Testing Online Exams                                  
  • Online Classes and Course Activity Companion for Students 
  • Seminar Presentation by Students                                         
  • Project Work and Defence                                                      
  • Email Based Correspondence & Submission of ClassWork     


Available courses

This course introduces the students to Python3 Programming using the Visual Studio IDE. It is suitable for complete beginners to programming as well as those who may have learnt another programming language or who wish to improve their skills in python3 programming.

This course introduces the student to the world of Computing and Information Technology. It discusses the history of computing, the evolution and types of computers, Concept of hardware software and peripherials, Information and Communication Technology is also discussed.

This is the online Exam for Keyboarding